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Amaron 400 VA Inverter | AAM-HU-HUPS400VA

Quick Overview

Product Brand : Amaron
Model Number : AAM-HU-HUPS400VA
Product Capacity : 400 VA
Product Type : Inverter
Product Warranty : 0-24 Months Free

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Discount Price :   4211
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Product Description :

Built with the latest state-of-the-art technology, the AAM HU HUPS 400 VA is an affordable companion to home electrical appliances. Being one of India's leading inverter and battery manufacturers, Microtek has created an easy-to-maintain and intelligent UPS to protect appliances from low and high voltage.

Amaron AAM-HU-HUPS400VA Benefits
  • Display indicators for status and faults in the system.
  • High-end performance optimized and reliable.
  • Equipped with Digital Sine Processing (DSP) micro-controller to create an intelligent design to improve battery life and reduce maintenance.
  • Endowed with PWM controlled multistage Auto Trickle Mode (ATM) charging.
  • Auto reset and switch-off feature in case when the invert is overloaded.
  • Delivers pure sine wave output
  • System is compatible with all AC electronic devices and prevents fluctuations.

Specifications of AAM-HU-HUPS400VA
Inverter TypeInverter-Home UPS
Inverter Capacity400 VA
Inverter OutputPure Sine Wave
Recommended Battery Capacity100 AH
Warranty24 Months
Nominal Voltage12V
No. of Batteries Required1
Appliance and Load Chart for AAM-HU-HUPS400VA Inverter
Appliances Option 1 Option 2 Appliance wattage:(Approx..)
Computer 00 250W
Fans 12 80W
Tube lights 33 40W
TV (32 Inches) 10 180W (32 Inch LED..)
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